Friday, January 12, 2007

E-zine Sedmak

In 13-year-olds ICT lessons at the school Pod Marjankou students created the e-zine Sedmak as part of the project School Magazine. In the project " School Magazine" we are nearly finished with learning the basic ICT skills: (briefly) as REPORTERS the children wrote an article, they saved it in the shared folder, as HEAD REPORTERS they chose 5 of the articles and copied them in one document, as EDITORS they went through the chosen articles and corrected the possible formal, grammatical or stylistic mistakes, as GRAPHIC ARTISTS they planned the front page of the newspapers - logo, its name - put in the pictures and photos and they made the final format of the page.This wasn´t the only thing we did this year. I prepared e-zine Sedmak and the students also became internet media journalists. The work in this field is in its early stages. The aim is to try publishing on the internet, so that the students have the skills to use e-zine in other subjects, e.g. Czech lessons or EFL lessons.

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