Sunday, January 28, 2007

Digiskills project meeting in Patras

From 16th to 20th January 2007 teachers from all the 10 Digiskills schools met at 20th High School in Patras. During these days we had various work sessions where we talked about the achievements and further plans of this project year. But we also made plans for a new project year, whose application will be on 30th March. Apart form the 'serious' moments we had moments fulll of joy and friendship like on the last evening when Kaity distributed gifts. Moreover we had a reception at the town hall, where the vice mayor welcomed the Digiskills teachers. We also paid a visit to the governor of Achaia, who was delighted to have so many European teachers in his office. Our hosts also offered us a cultural programme. We visited Achaia Claus wine factory in Patras and made a trip to Olympia where some partners had a Digiskills race. It's unknown who won. Many thanks to our hosts Costas, Makis and Maria!

Friday, January 12, 2007

E-zine Sedmak

In 13-year-olds ICT lessons at the school Pod Marjankou students created the e-zine Sedmak as part of the project School Magazine. In the project " School Magazine" we are nearly finished with learning the basic ICT skills: (briefly) as REPORTERS the children wrote an article, they saved it in the shared folder, as HEAD REPORTERS they chose 5 of the articles and copied them in one document, as EDITORS they went through the chosen articles and corrected the possible formal, grammatical or stylistic mistakes, as GRAPHIC ARTISTS they planned the front page of the newspapers - logo, its name - put in the pictures and photos and they made the final format of the page.This wasn´t the only thing we did this year. I prepared e-zine Sedmak and the students also became internet media journalists. The work in this field is in its early stages. The aim is to try publishing on the internet, so that the students have the skills to use e-zine in other subjects, e.g. Czech lessons or EFL lessons.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Improving Reading and Information Literacy in ZS Pod Marjankou

In January 2006 our school joined a 2-year project which is financially supported by the European Social Funds. It is aimed at improving reading and information literacy. Teachers and students of 4 schools in Prague are working not only on developing the skills which would help the students to read and understand various texts easier, but also on the abilities to work with different sources of information. One of the most popular sources used by the students nowadays is the internet. That is why the teachers also try to prepare tasks which make the children use the computers. In the picture a group of 12-year-old students are looking for the necessary information about a football match between Chelsea and Arsenal which they were planning to see with their English teacher in December. Of course, they also had to find the way to the Chelsea stadium by London underground!!!